King Street Patriots

September 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

Chandler Davidson sent me a link to a Huffington Post article about
some of the bizarre goings on in Texas right-wing politics.

The article included a video from “True The Vote”, the Republicans’
latest paranoid claim that “voter fraud” is threatening to destroy

I spent a couple of hours yesterday chasing down Catherine Engelbrecht
and some of the other wackos featured in the “ballot security” video.
looking into their brains is like having a nightmare and then realizing
that you are awake.  Just do a Google search for “Catherine Engelbrecht”
and you will find yourself inside the walls of a political insane asylum.

I watched a couple of video lectures by a Professor from The Ludwig von
Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.  He was explaining the historical
pedigree of nullification beginning with Thomas Jefferson’s reaction to
John Adams’ failure to veto the Alien and Sedition Acts.  I found that
Catherine Engelbrecht (she’s the one who channels the meanest high
school teacher I can remember, who delivers the stern lecture about the
danger to life as we know it posed by the Democratic Party’s plot to
subvert democracy by stealing votes) is the founding mother of Texas
Nullification, a group that plans to demand that the next session of the
Texas Legislature nullify  all unconstitutional laws enacted since
January 2009.

Wouldn’t it be neat if that all happened and Obama federalized the
National Guard, declared martial law in Texas and put Ms. Engelbrecht
and the rest of her merry band in Guantanamo until some suitable place
could be found to isolate them from the rest of society?  Of course, if
that happened, I’d have to sue Obama on First Amendment grounds, but
still . . . .

The really weird aspect of all this is that I have seen this movie
before.   In 1951 or ’52, I can’t remember which, Alan Shivers was
braying about “interposition”, sounding like Senator Calhoun before the
Civil War.  Shivers wanted to “interpose Texas sovereignty” to prevent
the federal government from taking over the Tidelands and their
sub-surface oil and gas.   i was fascinated, did some research and (how
or why I can’t remember) was invited to address the Travis County Bar
Association on the subject of interposition.  I spouted the results of
my research with the enthusiasm of a 20 or 21-year-old fledgling lawyer
and, to my surprise, was assumed to be advocating it.  Several
right-wing nuts patted me on the back and congratulated me on my
presentation.  This same thing happened again when I discovered
“remonstrance” in the Texas Constitution and spent some time vivifying
it as an available response to oppressive government.  The only ones who
were thrilled were the right-wing wackos who think that taxation is
theft and who repair to the woods to train for the day that the “black
helicopters” hover overhead.

Now, this pathetic fantasy has re-emerged and, once again, some of our
fellow citizens are pretending that the Civil War never happened or, if
it did, that the Confederacy won.  I expect to see bumper stickers any
day that say “Save Your Confederate Money.  The South Will Rise Again!”


§ 2 Responses to King Street Patriots

  • Max Krochmal says:

    Great stuff Bob! Keep it coming! I hadn’t yet read about the arson–absolutely crazy! I’ll be in touch about the 50s sometime soon…


    • Bob Hall says:

      Thanks for the comment. Since I no longer have law practice deadlines to worry about; and since the Tea Party keeps providing new bulls eyes for intellectual target practice, I am enjoying time to write. I am still learning about blogs, however, so if you get incomprehensible garbage in your inbox, just let me know. I have a grandson who seems to know everything about this digital age and he is generous with his time.


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