A Political IQ Test

August 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

Mitt Romney has offered American Voters another IQ test.  They scored poorly in 2004.  They re-elected G.W. Bush, despite his having  squandered a trillion dollars and over 100,00 lives on a dumb war in Iraq.

Today, they have another chance.  When Mitt Romney finally emerged the winner of a mud-wrestling contest as the GOP nominee, politics watchers began speculating about how he would “move to the middle”. He was expected to somehow disavow some of the absurd statements made to convince the Tea Party and the newly unleashed Doberman billionaires that he was willing to support their Ayn Rand fantasies, balance the budget by denying food to the hungry, deny medical care to the poor and convert the income tax structure from a progressive system requiring painless sharing by the wealthy, to one that enforces economic Darwinsm by rewarding those who have accumulated wealth and punishing those who have not.

Today those expectations have been proved overly optimistic.  It turns out that Mitt Romney has decided to “stay the course”.  He announced this morning that, if anything disables him after he is elected President of the United States, the new Commander in Chief and leader of the free world will be Paul Ryan.

This decision removes any lingering doubt about what a Romney presidency would look like.  Paul Ryan has proudly sponsored a specific blueprint.  So, American voters not only have a choice between two pairs of candidates, they face a test of their ability to reason, to read and to confront their moral values.

Ryan’s proposal would perpetuate and accelerate the economic inequality that has steadily developed since 1980.  It would abolish Medicare’s guarantee of health care for all citizens under the age of 55.  Instead, they would be given a coupon with a suggestion that they go forth in the marketplace and use it to bargain with insurance companies for whatever health care they can afford. Ryan’s plan assumes that citizens older than 55 will not care about this destruction of Medicare because, as stated, it won’t apply to them.  They are expected to have no concern about their children, nephews or nieces whose health will be threatened.  The selfishness of Congressman Ryan’s plan assumes that voters who will choose whether or not to support it will be equally selfish.

If they are poor and depend on food stamps or free school lunches as a hedge against starvation, they will face sharp cuts in those programs.

Now it is obvious that proposing policies that would victimize, impoverish and threaten the health of most of the population in America should meet with overwhelming disapproval in a democratic election.  That is where the IQ test comes in.  There are two factors that make the outcome of this test hard to predict.  First, many of the test-takers are so distracted by cultural shiny objects like abortion, contraception, gay marriage, racism and religious bigotry that they may not focus on the fact that their votes may amount to condemning themselves, as well as millions of their fellow citizens, to a future of economic hardship fraught with real, life-threatening peril.  Second, many of the test-takers may be so ignorant and ill-informed about the plainly stated words of the Ryan Plan that has now been embraced by the Romney-Ryan team, that they will cast their votes based on what some friend or employer or TV attack ad states during the last couple of weeks before election day.  If either or both of these factors determine the outcome of he pending election, then the     I Q test will again reflect a political class of morally challenged dunces and living in this democracy will, once again, become a very dangerous choice for the rest of us.

Finally, here is a link to what is labeled a a compendium of opposition research on Paul Ryan.  Ryan .  I haven’t yet read it and I don’t vouch for its accuracy.  I plan to read it and I hope it is useful.  It looks authentic, but being on the internet is no guarantee of anything.   This world is composed of readers and non-readers.  This blog is directed to the former.


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