Some More Thoughts On Veep Candidate Ryan

August 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

First, I want to take back my vow to “read” the research report on Paul Ryan.  When I wrote that I did not realize the mothah was 290 pages long.  Also, it is not a narrative report.  It is like an encyclopedic scrapbook of Paul Ryan’s war on the poor, the vulnerable and the United States government.  It is not designed to be read from front to back.  Its like a rap sheet.  The index-like table of contents enables you to pick out which outrage you want to find out about and then click on that page reference and find clickable references to the evidence against Ryan.

A few minutes of playing around with these references, produced these examples.  I learned that it was not some Democratic Party partisan that accused Ryan of  proposing to “abolish medicare”.  It was the Wall Street Journal.  I also learned that Ryan likes to hunt with bows and arrows.  So, he sponsored a bill to give a tax break to manufacturers of bows and arrows.  Stop and ponder that.  He was a Congressman, braying incessantly about balancing the budget by cutting money for Pell Grants, food stamps, Medicade, etc. etc. etc. .  But, because he likes to shoot things with bows and arrows, he proposes a tax paid gift to companies that make bows and arrows.  Is he hypocritical and bereft of compassion  and common sense or just nuts?

One more example:  Here is a passage from the research:

Ryan Budget Would Raise Medicare Retirement Age From 65 To 67, But Also Repeal Affordable Care Act
  Thereby Leaving 65 And 66-Year-Old Individuals Without Any Guarantee Of Health Insurance.
 According to theCenter for Budget and Policy Priorities,
 The CBO analysis states that the Ryan plan would raise the age at which people become eligible for Medicare from 65 to 67, even as it repeals the health reform law’s coverage provisions. This means 65- and66-year-olds would have neither Medicare nor access to health insurance exchanges in which they could buy coverage at anaffordable price and receive subsidies to help them secure coverage if their incomes are low. This change would put many more 65- and 66-year-olds who don’t have employer coverage into the individual insurance market, where the premiums charged to people in this age group tend to be extremely high thereby leaving many of them uninsured. People of limited means would be affected most harshly because they would not be able to afford private coverage. In addition, many 65- and66-year-olds with a pre-existing medical condition would not be able to purchase coverage at any price.”

[Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 3/20/12 ]”

Perhaps this is Ryan’s plan to “save” Social Security:  The minimum eligibility age for Social Security is to be raised to 67.  So, just kill off a few thousand 65 and 66-year-olds before they become eligible.  No, don’t worry.  I haven’t lost my mind.  I’m just kidding.  But, seriously, how in hell can people consider voting for a person who thinks this would be a good idea?  Or for a person who picks this guy to be the understudy for President of the United States of America?


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  • wisconsincurmudgeon says:


    Great post on the choice of Paul Ryan. I believe that it was a choice made in desperation as Romoney is sinking fast.

    I did some checking (perhaps you have done so already) on American Bridge, which put up the 290 pages of research on Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan. I just can’t resist referring to him that way.

    Here is a brief explanation of American Bridge: dge?lite

    It looks like American Bridge did an extensive Lexus-Nexus search on Paul Ryan to start with and built on it from there. I spent an hour of so reading through it and it validated much that I have learned about the “Munster’ as a resident of WI.

    I have been asked for my read on the Ryan appointment several times today and I have consistently taken the position that Ryan will prove to be a liability for Romoney, in a way that Palin was for McCain.

    How anyone with adult children or grandchildren, or anyone earning less than $250K per year can vote for these people is almost beyond comprehension. I know that it will happen and much of it is because of latent racism. I don’t support these programs because “they” might get something free. I have a lifelong friend who falls exactly into that category. We attended the same Catholic grade school, different high schools and then sat side by side in many classes at Notre Dame where we both received the same degrees. He would vote for Romoney and Ryan in a heartbeat. Why the difference? I have actually sent requests to Thomas Frank to do a book on “The Two Jims”; and how we ended up so different. So far, no response.

    Anyway, it appears that the info in those 290 pages regarding Ryan is valid within reason.

    Let the games begin,

    Jim Kubiak



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