The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church

June 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

As my friends know, I am usually more critical than celebratory about religion and its influence on politics.  I have had to re-examine that attitude since Francis has become  Pope.  Recently a Cardinal from Argentina, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, made a speech at a conference on Catholicism and Libertarianism held in Washington near he Capitol.  Here is a link to some of his remarks:  Speech .

You can’t get much plainer than that!  Paul Ryan’s next confession should be interesting.

I didn’t wade through the comments, but I read enough to let me see the interesting dialogue that goes on between rank-and-file Catholics and non-Catholics about the Church’s doctrine concerning abortion, homosexuality, contraception and other issues.  It is clear to me that, regardless of these issues, the new Pope and his supporters are establishing a new public face of the Catholic Church.  As our political interest focuses more on our Chicano bothers and sisters, this is a welcome development.



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  • John Robert BEHRMAN says:


    Above is a follow-up piece in the Financial Times about the sort of action Francis I has taken to break the chain of criminalized finance that runs from high to low wherever commerce was subverted during the Cold War by both the CIA/SIS and KGB/GRU. They fought over the same ground and used the same methods. It was called “convergence”. We are living in its wreckage.

    After 1989, both communist and anti-communist organs of covertly financed operations degenerated into or spun-off “mafia” or “pirates” as they were both “downsized” and “privatized”.

    Cardinal Ratzinger and Secretary Geithner never figured that out. Naomi Klein did. Has Francis I read The Shock Doctrine?

    We do not see any such decisive action in Washington. It is not the Vatican. It has “separation of powers” in the constitution. But, it also has its own culture of patronage and sycophancy quite as bad as the Church, at its worst, but without any providential intervention that I am aware of.

    Larry Summers, famously, explained this to Elizabeth Warren who seems to have become what the DNC/DSCC/DCCC could only regard as a “protestant”.



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