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November 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

The past few days have exposed Republicans in Congress as misbehaving children.

Fresh from their electoral victory, as the echos were still reverberating from their pledges to work reasonably with Obama, they rushed to TV cameras to proclaim their intention to impeach him or worse.  What provoked these tantrums?  Did Obama insult them?  Did he suddenly lash out at them?  What reduced these middle-aged and older men and women to such mouth frothy rage?

Obama merely repeated what he has been promising for about a year:  If Congress doesn’t enact some reasonable overhaul of our immigration system, he will do the following:  He will stop the deportation of parents of children born here.  He will stop deporting people who were brought here when they were children.  This easing of deportation policies will occur only if those affected have committed no crime and have lived here peacefully for a reasonable period of time.

This could not have come as a surprise to the the Republicans.   If the President did otherwise, he would betray promises made publicly to the Latino population of our country.  Yet John Boehner and Mitch McConnell reacted as if he had slapped them across the face with a glove.

Boehner declared that the President was risking immolation.  Mitch The Turtle said, while displaying his trademark unctuous smile, that the President was waving a red “flag” at a bull.  This made me wonder if Mitch had ever attended a bullfight.  If he had, he would know where that metaphor came from.  And he would also know what, in almost all cases, happens to the bull who becomes enraged and charges the one with the red cape.

I wonder what the voters, who thought they were electing adults, thought when they saw this yammering performance.  Did they really want their government to function?  Were they disgusted because they were “tired of the partisan bickering in Washington” as the TV talking heads kept saying?  If that is what they thought they were seeking, they were surely disappointed.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s true.  I think the FOX news watchers are getting exactly what they want:  The continued hamstringing of their own government.  Until they awaken to the fact that the Koch Brothers are not likely to help them pay their bills or get decent jobs, we are in for more fake histrionics and childish tantrums.

Oh, by the way.  In my post earlier this afternoon about the Keystone Pipeline, I neglected to mention the most absurd lie being endlessly repeated by its enthusiastic admirers:  That “46,000 jobs are being prevented because the delayed construction of the Keystone Pipeline.”  The truth, provided by an analyst on the Steve Kornaki show this morning:  About 30,000 jobs will be created to contruct the  pipeline.  When it is completed, 35 people will have jobs maintaining it.

So, the current propaganda is like a newscaster reporting:  “The circus is coming to Midville.  One hundred jobs will be created.  They will last for one week, until the circus moves on.”

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