An Addendum and Some Brief Comments

November 16, 2014 § Leave a comment


I have updated yesterday’s post concerning the Keystone Pipeline.  The post had a link to Lou Dubose’s article in the Washington Spectator but, for some reason, the link did have the usual appearance .  So, you probably did not realize it was a link.  I have updated the post to include a link to the article and have designated it as a link.  Lou’s article is not lengthy but it includes some information I did not include in my post.

Also, the Curmudgeon in Wisconsin, a friend and follower of this blog, commented on my post and included a link to a story in the Minnesota Star Tribune describing the current status of the Public Utilities Commission proceeding concerning Enbridge’s application for a permit to lay its new pipeline across the State.  Here is a link to that story:

Also, in the penultimate paragraph of my “Playpen Politics” post, I quoted a panelist on a TV show who said that the Keystone Pipeline would create “about 30,000” construction jobs.  I commented they would be temporary jobs.  After further research, I discovered that the 30,000 figure is probably inflated.  I found an article in Forbes magazine entitled, “Pipe Dreams:  How Many Jobs Will Be Created by the XL Pipeline?”.  The article cites various theories proposed by different analysts.  They vary widely but, considered as a whole, they conclude that the number of construction jobs may be as few as 13,000.   Here is a link to the Forbes article:  Forbes.

A Brief Comment

I have some concern about the news that Harry Reid has “rewarded” Senator Elizabeth Warren with a position on a leadership committee charged with crafting policy ideas for Democratic Party members of the Senate.

I hope, of course, that his decision represents a recognition that Senate Democrats need to focus attention away from pleasing their corporate campaign campaign contributors and toward the economic inequality that is beggaring the American working class.  If that is the objective, Senator Warren is an obvious choice because she has been like a laser pointing at that injustice.

My fear is that, on the contrary, Reid’s decision is more like a way of managing Senator Warren so that she does not unduly disturb the cozy relationship between Senate Democrats and their financial  supporters.

This latter motivation was once memorably expressed by President Lyndon Johnson, in an example of his genteel Texas style.  He was talking about his reluctance to fire J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the FBI.  He wanted to fire him but decided not to.  He explained his reluctance, ”Well, it’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.” [Quoted by Davide Halberstam in a long article entitled “The Vantage Point” reviewing books about LBJ] [NY Times.  October 31, 1971]

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