The Hulk Hogan Confession

November 25, 2014 § 1 Comment

In the aftermath of the farcical grand jury episode in Ferguson, Missouri, I am frustrated at the focus of attention on blood trails and whether the kid was moving toward the cop when the cop emptied his pistol into him.

I think the crucial event occurred in the police car in the few seconds before the cop got out of his car, his pistol drawn, and pursued Michael Brown.  The cop told the Grand Jury that, while he was in the police car, he and Brown struggled.  He said Brown tried to grab his pistol.  He said the pistol discharged twice.  We know that one of those shots hit Brown in the hand.  Describing those events, the cop said that he felt like a five-year-old struggling with Hulk Hogan.

In other words, the cop said that he realized, while he was still in the police car, that he was physically incapable of subduing Michael BrownThen, Michael Brown ran away from the police car.  The cop was absolutely safe.  He was in the police car.  He had a radio.  He could call for help.  He had Mace.  He had a truncheon or “billy club”.  He was within a few minutes drive of police headquarters.  During those few seconds, he had to make a choice:   Should he call for help?  Should he try to catch Brown and subdue him with Mace?  Did he think he might be able to arrest Brown by using his truncheon?

He rejected all those alternatives.  Knowing that he was incapable of physically subduing Brown, the cop, his pistol in hand, got out of the police car and pursued Brown.  When he made that choice, he formed the intent necessary to convict him of premeditated murder or, if we assume he was acting in response to overwhelming rage due to the pummeling he had endured at the hands of Brown, maybe involuntary homicide.  One thing is plain:  He was not acting in self-defense.  He was guilty of homicide.

The particular circumstances that surrounded the actual shooting are interesting but they are not crucial.  That encounter was caused by the cop, not Michael Brown.

I have now heard that the cop claimed he felt bound to pursue Brown because he thought Brown might assault innocent citizens.  The circumstances do not support that lame excuse.  When the cop first saw Brown and a companion walking down the street, they did not appear to be prowling around looking for people to assault.  He just told them to move to the sidewalk.  They were jaywalking.

At a trial, the cop could try to convince a jury that, feeling like a five-year-old challenging Hulk Hogan, he was so concerned about protecting others from Brown that he felt it was necessary to kill Brown.  He already knew that the only way he could control Brown was to kill him because Brown was beyond his physical ability to handle.

Another thing that makes me believe the cop was guilty of premeditated murder is the fact that he went through the farce of yelling “get down” “get down” before killing him.  He had absolutely no reason to believe, based on the encounter in the police car, that Brown was likely to become docile and obedient in response to this cop who had just shot him in the hand.  The “get down” yell was just going through the standard preparation for the killing.  Like most cops, this one probably believed that failing to obey the directions of a peace officer is sufficient basis for using deadly force.  This is not the law, but the false belief that it is, leads to numerous deaths at the hands of lawless cops.

The cop’s Hulk Hogan admission was a confession.



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  • Unfortunately, the grand jury didn’t see it that way. And sad to say, everyone knows if Michael Brown had been a white boy, he would still be alive or the cop would have been indicted. But, this is Missouri we’re talking back and that was the state ready and willing to support the Civil War and slave owners. And having lived there years ago, I can see it remains more segregated and racist than places further south.


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