Hightower on ISIS

December 8, 2014 § 1 Comment

Jim Hightower is a friend of mine. He edits and publishes a newsletter called Hightower Lowdown.  I recently discovered it.  Jim combines a seasoned political mind and a Molly Ivins sense of humor.  A few decades ago, in 1982, before Texas became a Republican stronghold, Jim was elected Texas Commissioner of Agriculture.   In 1990 he was defeated by Rick Oops Perry.

He was on Senator Ralph Yarborough’s staff for awhile; edited the Texas Observer for awhile; and has never stopped working to promote political common sense and economic justice.

I write with two purposes:  First, spread awareness of his newsletter.  Subscription costs are modest and the ideas deserve wider distribution.  Second, to make available Jim’s reaction to Barack Obama’s War on ISIS. His statement, as usual, is both thoughtful and delivered with scathingly targeted humor.  Here is a link:  Lowdown.

I’m not sure but I think Jim was the author of one of my favorite political adages:  There’s nothing in the middle of the road but dead armadillos.


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