Netanyahu v. Obama – Views From Israel and Diaspora

February 28, 2015 § 1 Comment

Today’s Haaretz newspaper included three reactions to Netanuahu’s current effort to court Israeli political support by attacking President Obama and advocating the abortion of peace negotiations with Iran.  The effects of the controversy are presented as viewed in Israel and as viewed by Jews living in America.

Diaspora views

Haaretz Editorial

Jewish Democrats

I offer this commentary for consideration because I am convinced that the ultimate outcome of our effort to avoid another “preventive” war in the Middle East could involve a process leading to a long bitter and costly war – costly not just in dollars but also in lives.  If decisions about this grave matter are submitted and determined,  not by statesmen and knowledgeable negotiators, but by politicians focused only on electoral advantage, it will amount to a failure of democracy to prove itself capable of managing serious issues based on rationality and common sense.

WWI was the result of unwitting  decisions hastily made with small understanding of their terrible consequences.   In our time of nuclear weapons, we cannot afford a repeat of that foolishness.

§ One Response to Netanyahu v. Obama – Views From Israel and Diaspora

  • I firmly believe that, despite the power of the Jewish lobby, most Americans do not want a war for Israel. And further more, I think that Iran does not want a war, despite the rhetoric. You are so correct about the nuclear aspect, especially since Israel is the one with all the nukes, we’ve helped them with. Although much bad is happening now, much good is too. And I concentrate all of my energy, thought, visions in preventing a foolish war to protect a country, that should never have been created the way it was. It’s so sad that people forget the only reason Israel exists is because none of the countries of the West wanted to support the Jewish people and give them a spot in their countries. Well, I won’t go through all of that. I heard two Democrats on NPR, one who is boycotting the speech and one who is attending it. The one attending it of course is not in favor of the negotiations taking place. It is a shame we are here in the 21st century and have people calling themselves leaders who are operating with a 19th century mentality.

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