Shameless Ignorance and Forty Seven Republican Senators

March 9, 2015 § 3 Comments

Forty-seven Republican Party Senators dispatched a letter to the Nation of Iran warning them that any agreement between Iran and the United States negotiated by the President of the United States would be worthless and revocable in two years when a new president is elected.   Iran responded to the letter with a classic example of politely, but firmly, labeling the Senators’ letter for what it is:  Ignorant meddling into serious business being conducted by competent responsible agents of six nations.

Jay Bookman, columnist and blogger for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has commented on this episode in a blog post.  It expresses my reaction better than I could.  Here is link to his blog post.  I urge all readers of this blog to read it.

Oh, by the way, I assume that it is superfluous for me to satisfy your curiosity:  Both Texas Senators signed the letter.  Texas has replaced Mississippi as a haven for jackasses and launching pad for every stupid governmental policy idea floating around.  We have not one, but three Texas Coo-Coo Birds readying themselves for campaigns to become President of the United States.  Stay tuned.

Here is a link:  Jay Bookman




§ 3 Responses to Shameless Ignorance and Forty Seven Republican Senators

  • We’ve been breaking treaties now for a long time, it’s nothing new, nothing unexpected, though despicable it be. Thanks for the link, Robert.


    • Bob Hall says:

      Unfortunately you’re right, Peter. I’m reading a book by Howard Zinn, “A People’s History of the United States”. He describes the string of treaties with Indians. We made a series of treaties and broke every one of them. I am in the midst of reading about that shameful chapter in our history. The United States is “exceptional” in more ways than one, and some of the ways are ugly.

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  • Thanks for sharing this. Aside for thoroughly enjoying the strong and almost poetic Iranian response, I was happy to see that at least one of Alaska’s female senator chose not to sign it.


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