Mood Music II

November 2, 2016 § 1 Comment

This afternoon I have been wallowing in nostalgia.  I’m going to post a trio of the results in this blog.  This is nor required reading and I hope you will excuse my  self indulgence.

In the Fifties, when my two daughters were children, I ruthlessly indoctrinated them with my left wing views.  My favorite weapon of persuasion was music.  At the time I did not consider the risk inherent in such an effort.  Children often find it necessary to rebel against the ideas of their parents, especially their fathers, in order to achieve healthy maturity. Luckily for me, that has not happened and both daughters did not find that necessary for becoming successful adults.

Here are a couple of the songs that were part of my personal curriculum.

Josh White’s “Free and Equal Blues”:  /

Pete Seeger’s version of “Solidarity Forever”:

I once used the last stanza of this song in a jury argument in federal court in Brownsville.  The Chicanos on the jury apparently didn’t mind and came back with a favorable verdict.

Finally, I also taught my daughters  not to regard folk music with sophisticated disdain.  Here is a version of “Nickels and Dimes”:

I had Nana Mouskouri’s version of this song,  but this one by Dolly Parton, the original writer of the lyric, comes with some eye-candy, so I have linked to it.

I promise not to continue this music sharing.  I know music choices are intensely personal.  Unless there is a powerful reason (which I can’t imagine), this will be my last posting of music.  For today, it has given me a welcome respite from worrying about next Tuesday.



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