May 1, 2017 § Leave a comment

Hoy es Uno de Mayo!  Arriba la Bandera Roja!

Today is May Day.  It is a day to celebrate the rights of working class.Americans: the millions of workers who came before us and fought and died for reasons as relevant today as they were then.  The names have changed and the available weapons are different but the issues remain.  Here is link to a brief account of some of those early conflicts.

Our Constitution protects our right to seek and accomplish revolutions without bloodshed.  The Internet affords us a free weapon to wage war to restore the core values of America:  Freedom of expression; Free and honest elections; and Decent regard for the health, welfare and opportunity for working class Americans.

The First Amendment protects our right to express our outraged resistence to the assault on these values by a corporate cabal led by a loud mouthed buffoon who opposes us with  tweets.  If we surrender to a tweeter,, we disgrace ourselves and dishonor those whose courage we commemorate this May Day.  The Internet and the streets can be a battle ground for a peaceful revolution.  They must not share the fate of Rip Van Winkle’s rifle, rusting as he slept through a revolution.


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